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Trunk Surfer caught on video...cops searching for perps!!!

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A New 'N Sync Album Was Just Released and Nobody Knew It Was Happening--Not Even 'N Sync!

N*Sync, The Essential, Album CoverCould this be one of the greatest surprises of all time?! It's time to whip out the old binder with all of those 'N Sync magazine clippings (just us?), because Justin Timberlake,...

Claire Holt Heading to NBC's Aquarius as a Series Regular: What Does This Mean for The Originals?

Claire HoltClaire Holt is turning in her immortality for a badge.  The Originals star has joined the cast of NBC's new drama Aquarius as a series regular, E! News has...

Naomi Watts Looks Adorable Scooting Around L.A. in a Little Girl's Dress!

Naomi WattsForget Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. It looks like Naomi Watts is participating in something way more fun: Be your daughter for the day! The only confusing thing is that the Birdman...

Katy Perry and Diplo Reunite in Las Vegas--All the Details on Their Night Out!

Katy Perry InstagramIf Las Vegas is any indication, it sure looks like Katy Perry and Diplo are very much happily together. E! News has learned the "Roar" singer enjoyed a dinner with the famous DJ...

Zac Efron Opens Up About Life Before Rehab Stint: I Needed a "Social Lubricant"

Zac EfronWhile it's no secret that Zac Efron completed a stint in rehab last year, the actor has rarely opened up about the circumstances which led to his decision—until now, that...

Nikki Ferrell Calls Bachelorette Finale ''Trash,'' Plus More Bachelor Alums React to Andi and Josh's Engagement!

The Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, Josh MurrayNeedless to say, all everyone is talking about today is last night's epic Bachelorette finale! And it's not just fans who are reacting to Andi Dofman's engagement to winner Josh...

Lady Gaga Poses With Creepy Dolls, Grandfather Clocks, Plants and More--See Her Strangest Selfies!

Lady Gaga's Strangest SelfiesWhen it comes to strange, Lady Gaga has it mastered down to an art! From her weird costumes and crazy eyewear to her odd antics, like the time she "hatched" out of an egg at the...

This Girl Is Getting Through a Breakup by Photoshopping Beyoncé Over Pics of Her Ex-Boyfriend

Beyoncify My Boyfriend, TumblrThis is 19-year-old Cassandra Blackwel from Toronto. And like billions of ladies across the globe, she is going through a breakup. Here are some of the typical things women do to move on after a...

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