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The Hollywood Height Game

May 06, 2014 -- 2:35pm

Showbiz Spy claims David Spade was recently leaving a Hollywood establishment when a woman made fun of his height and said: “What a joke! It says here you’re 5’7”…but you’re like a midget!” A source tells the site: “David’s a quick-witted guy, but was so flabbergasted by the woman’s obnoxious attack he couldn’t even hit her with a comeback. He stood open-mouthed as the rude drunk’s date apologized profusely. Then, realizing the whole joint was now eyeballing the scene, he ducked his head and made a beeline for the exit.”

Time for The Hollywood Height Game

How tall is Adam Levine?

A. 5'11 1/2
B. 6'1
C. 6'4 1/2

How tall is Tom Cruise?

A. 5'6
B. 5'7
C. 5'8

How tall is Lady Gaga?

A. 4'11
B. 5'1
C. 5'5

How tall is Kevin Hart?

A. 5'2
B. 5'4
C. 5'6

How tall is Barack Obama?

A. 5'9
B. 5'11
C. 6'1

How tall is Angelina Jolie?

A. 5'2
B. 5'8
C. 5'10

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