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Korby Ray

Hey I’m Korby Ray! How did I get into radio? I literally packed up everything in my car 9 years ago and landed in Myrtle Beach to live my dream.  I’m originally from Virginia. I’m full of life, try to stay positive, and be a good role model for my daughter Olivia.  I love working out, running, volunteering, my 2 Persian cats, and juicy gossip.  My favorite color forever will be purple.  My room is purple!! I love sushi and hate mushrooms and liver. I will try any anti-aging cream and wish there was a fountain of youth! My biggest downfall is portion size.  I love movies, but will only watch them once, except for the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and GREASE 2. I stink at telling jokes.  I love the beach and would never live more than 15 minutes from it!  I love my parents.  My mom and sister are two of my best friends.  Oh and my dad is cool too!  My dream car is a white Cadillac CTS..tinted windows and 18 inch rims!!! One day I will get it!  I love meeting new people and I can talk to the wall if you walk away.  I sing all the time even at the gym..SORRY to everyone there! I love to make up rap songs on the spot.  My whole goal in life is to make people smile and laugh when they are around me and to leave a good lasting impression.  Hang out with me Weekdays 10AM-3PM.


Bill Catcher


Although Bill is a Yankee, born and raised in Syracuse, NY - amazingly they didn't hold that against him at Star 92.1 - they hired him anyway! "I really don't feel like a northerner...I’ve been living in the South for well over half my life. The warm beach weather IS where I belong."

Every weekday 3-7pm, Bill keeps you company and gets you home after a long day at work. In fact, while you’re commuting, listen at 5:30, because you can win “The Pot Luck Prize”. What’s the daily prize? Well, we can’t reveal that – because it’s a “surprise” – and it can be anything at all. But, be ready to call in to win on the Starlines at 448-9292.



Tom Kent


I’m at this soccer game with my daughter Katie at the University of Akron.
A whistle blows.  It’s half-time.  I decide to mosey next door where the Akron Zips baseball team had a game in their new state of the art stadium.  I was struck by the idea that they had modeled their facility after major league baseball parks.  There was music blasting between innings just like the big leagues.  In the stands I noticed what appeared to be a 12 year old girl singing along with "I Feel Good" by James Brown and then right beside her was about a 54 year old woman singing along too.  What I witnessed I’d probably seen a hundred times before, not just at sporting events, but also at parties.  What was different was on that day the light bulb went on.  It was crystal clear that we’ve got an entire culture that has been inundated over the years with great party music that everyone knows and loves.  Music that makes all of us, in the immortal words of Mr Brown, feel good!  And so, The Ultimate Party show was born!