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I guess, I contracted the radio bug WAAAYYY back when I was a kid.  I figured out how to wire several CD players and tape decks (yeah, they existed) and started crossfading stuff a long time ago.  


I got my first radio job back in 2002 at WKBI AM/FM in St. Marys, PA.  I worked there for about a week, and the night show host didn't show up, and they said, hey!  wanna do nights?  I said, SURE!  And away we went! From there I moved on to the 2nd go-around of the legendary Top 40 B94 WBZW in Pittsburgh, PA and then moved down the hall to Pittsburgh's 100.7 STAR WBZZ.  I made the move to Myrtle Beach in 2012 and started working here at the station.  They were like hey, you wanna do nights?  Uh, yeah, of course!  Which ended up with me, now hanging with you from 3p-7p every weekday!



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